Two hats are always better than one.

LGR Profile

I like both these hats so much I can’t decide which to wear.

I guess I’ll just keep them both on until I eventually decide!


Monday Afternoon Love

While embroidering my own photographs is admittedly just putting off some of the more important tasks on my list, it is at least a very pretty way to procrastinate.

And besides, sometimes a bit of strategic stitching can be very beneficial indeed.

Faded Summers

My entry for the 2012 Hand & Lock Prize for Embroidery Competition.
Inspired by the brief Faded Summers I drew on old memories, holidays the south of France, weathered & sun-bleached colors, and seaside textures in designing my entry.
The finished pieces are entirely hand-made from repurposed vintage straw and embroidered with old threads and found objects.

Very Tiny Hats

I’m trying to design a soft, cut & sew, hat and at the moment I’m at the drawing stage. I’m feeling slightly underwhelmed by my ideas and I think its definitely come out in my sketches: these are quite possibly some of the most tiny and unassertive sketches I’ve ever done.

I do kind of like them though….

Peter Jones (Part 3)

This is the final hat that I made for Peter Jones. Like my original sketches its based around the idea of a tea party – and a somewhat windswept one at that! Its got everything on it – china tea cups, strawberries, cherries, forks, spoons, napkins, a blackberry tart and even bunting. Its quite a spectacle.

It was worn to Ascot on Ladies Day by Bryony Gordon, a columnist for The Daily Telegraph. She did a brilliant job of modelling it!

I tagged along on the day and it was a lot of fun following Bryony and the hat and all the photographers that were following them! One of the best things was seeing everybody’s reaction to the hat – it made everybody smile.

Bryony wrote a really fun article about her experiences wearing the hat for The Daily Telegraph which you can read here.

And there’s a video too…its definitely worth a watch!

Peter Jones (Part 2)

I’m making the hat for Peter Jones. I’ve had to go back to the drawing board, however, and design something a bit more “Ascot”. So I guess that means “big”, “fun” and “loud”. Here’s a teaser of the design I’m working on…..

Its a really big coolie and its based around the idea of a summer time tea party. I have a feeling its going to be a hat that grows and grows once I start making it. I’m off to block the brim this afternoon!

A Hat for Fenwicks

I’ve made a hat that’s been selected to go on sale at Fenwicks on Bond Street. Its in the store now – I went to see it today – and its part of a very summery display.

My hat is made from a white sisal straw which I have dip dyed and hand-shaped. I was inspired by the ink-stained ruffle gowns from the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

I worked quite quickly on the dying and shaping of the straw because I wanted the hat to retain its lightness – it is designed to look as if the folds have just fallen into place.